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Here at CrossFit OCI we are not your typical “gym”, we are an elite strength and conditioning facility that uses highly varied, random functional movements performed at a high level of intensity. What that means: we run, lift heavy, press, squat, jump, carry, and lift some more. We incorporate all the major lifts as in dead lifts, cleans, jerks, etc. We key in on the importance of mastering bodyweight gymnastic style movements such as pull-ups, push-ups, rope climbs, etc. All that we do we do at 100% regardless of strength levels.


We are not here to make you comfortable, but uncomfortable by pushing your limits and fitness threshold in order to help you reach peak physical condition. We train for life. Not for looks. We want someone that is 70 years old to be able to pick up their grandchild without hurting their back, and an 18 year old to be able to finish 1st in the sport they are playing due to physical dominance and mental toughness that is developed through CrossFit.


There are no gimmicks with CrossFit, just success through hard work. It is not meant to be easy and will break you down physically and mentally, but when you break through those barriers, your life will have been changed.

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