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Each one of the coaches are all qualified and more than willing to assist each and every member to ensure safety first, and push them to achieve goals they never thought attainable. 

Owner of Crossfit OCI Caylyn

Owner / Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Nutrition

Caylyn has been doing CrossFit since 2011, being a member at OCI since 2013. She graduated from Florida Southern College in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training and earned CF-L1 in 2018. Taking ownership of the gym in May 2022, Caylyn intends to nurture a community of individuals who value their health and fitness. She loves helping people achieve their goals and is passionate about assisting people in working through injuries. Give her a barbell, and she is happy.


Favorite Movement: Any type of squat


Least Favorite: Burpees 

Coach at CrossFit OCI Clayton

CrossFit Level 1

Clayton has constantly been involved in some physical activity or sport since he was a kid. Picking up CrossFit in 2018, he obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2020 after wanting to further his knowledge. Clayton loves pushing himself always to do better and challenging others to do the same. While not working out, you’ll probably find him Overlanding, playing pickleball, or spending time with his family. 


Favorite Movement: Power Cleans


Least Favorite: Thrusters

Coach at CrossFit OCI Alicia

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Weightlifting

CrossFit Movement & Mobility

Alicia was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and was an Army brat. She’s been doing CrossFit since 2009 and received her CF-L1 in 2013. Having been an athlete or coach at most of the CrossFits in Lakeland, she has experience with many different types of athletes and skill levels. Alicia is a seasoned runner and has run multiple marathons, relays, and mud runs. She enjoys seeing athletes PR or accomplish goals they didn’t believe were possible. 


Favorite Movement: Cleans


Least Favorite: Wall Balls

Coach at CrossFit OCI Darren

CrossFit Level 2

Darren has been doing CrossFit since 2011, earning his CF-L1 in 2015 and CF-L2 in 2020. Darren has a beautiful wife and son. He loves animals and loves making people awesome! 


Favorite Movement: Pull-ups


Least Favorite: Burpees

Coach at CrossFit OCI Sydni

CrossFit Level 2

As a “CrossFitter” for the past nine years, Sydni enjoyed the sport so much that she decided to pursue her Level 1 Certification shortly after! Sydni’s passionate about helping others succeed in all aspects of life and is proud to represent CrossFit OCI Fitness as a coach. She loves everything that the sport of CrossFit represents and how it goes hand in hand with helping others achieve their fitness goals. You can find her wearing her mama, wife, or accountant hat when she’s not at the box. 


Favorite Movement: Snatch


Least Favorite: Strict Press

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